The Foundation

The Ezra S. Cox Memorial Athletic Foundation was created because of Ezra’s love for Eaton High School sports. He was never able to play any of the sports he loved so much, but his involvement as the equipment manager allowed him to be an integral part of the success of each team. With your donation to this foundation, students that are at a socioeconomic disadvantage will be able to afford their sports equipment. Ezra would be beyond proud of this foundation as it is a culmination of all the hard work he did for Eaton sports.

Foundation Founders:
James and Jill Cox, Eli Cox and Keith Renteria.


Ezra struggled with many things in his short 23 years of life, but the one thing he enjoyed the most was making the people he loved feel happy. To all of you who ever had a part in Ezra’s life, thank you!

James Cox – Father

Ezra Cox Memorial Athletic Foundation

The Ezra S. Cox Memorial Athletic Foundation is a 501(c)(3) organization. All donations are tax-exempt per IRS guidelines.